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Ruqayya is a friend that I met during registration, we happen to be

in the same department. We have become very close because we

share alot of things in common, including surname.

Ruqayya, I hate chemistry most especially this annoying practical, I

said. Fatima! Ruky called while tapping my laps. Don’t turn around,

use style to turn slowly and see what I am showing you, she said.

This guys are the best, their clique is unique. They are hot and


OMG! See the leader! Oouch! She said biting her lower lip. I can

see his six packs through the light shirt he is wearing, his hair style

is a mwuuaah. His dressing sense is worth killing for………..

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Ruky! I said, because I can see that she is out of her senses. I had

to hit her with my fingers on her forehead before she put herself

together. I admit he is handsome ruky, but he is not that hot. He

has a long neck which makes him look like a chicken. Pls

concentrate on the practicals and forget about these trees ( I call

them trees because they are slim, tall and five in number. Each

represent a tree and when they are together, I personally call them


I was happy for the next few days, because Ruqayya doesn’t

disturb me about her dream guy anymore.

Unfortunately, we went to eat in the cafeteria, I was having chips

and egg and Rukky was having plantain and chips. And behold!

The set of trees entered the cafeteria giving an irritating and

disgusting look.

OMG! I can’t stand this guy’s I said to myself. Rukky hugged me

and she was smiling. Tyma, I told you this guy is hot, he is a heart

ripper and snatcher.

Did you noticed the way he ate? It was so hot, considering how his

pink lips kept chewing. He chewed slowly and I could see how the

food was going down his throat. I didn’t know when I screamed

and said KE MAYYA! ( U witch). We finished eating and left.

It’s Monday morning, and it so happened that I am very moody due

to my monthly cramps, talking will be the last thing I will want to

engage myself in.

But, Rukky found it to be the right time to disturb me about her

crush. I heard he is popularly known as Laymann, she said.

Tyma are u blind? He is the sexiest guy I have ever seen.I thought I

was not hearing well, so I asked Rukky what did you say?

Tyma please help a friend and get me his number, Rukky said. I

sighed, and I just know I hate this idea and I think it will be the last

thing I will do on Earth.

I have been thinking about Rukky’s request but I have not come up

with an idea of how to go about it.

So I logged on Facebook to chat and ease off the stress. This guys

like sending friend request which I kept declining until I got to a

guy that caught my attention.

His display picture (dp) was beautiful, I decided to accept him. His

name is Jibril Goni. I got up ate and went back to sleep.

It took me days, before I gathered the courage to talk to layman. I

met the forest sitting down on their cars while disturbing the

environment with their noise.

Salamu Alaikum, I said while looking at the ground. He smirked

before answering, please can you give me two minutes? I hope you

are not in love with me too, he said.

God help me, I want to strangle layman, but I just smiled and

composed my self. He stood up and gave me a stupid look, what

do you want babe?

I looked at him and said, I don’t want to bother you but I have to. A

friend of mine has a crush on you and she wants your number.

He started laughing, go straight to the point and stop beating

around the bush and tell me you want my number Malama.

I don’t have a pen, he said. I reached out for my bag and gave him

one, he gave me a nasty look, I don’t have a sheet of paper. I gave

him too.

Bend down lemme write on your back if you want the number,

because I don’t have anywhere to write on.

His friends started laughing hilariously. I was seeing double due to


I dropped my pride and ego as a female, but he decided to hurt

me. I left immediately.

You are messing with the wrong girl layman. I will give you what

you deserve when the time comes.

I cried throughout that day, Ruky kept calling but couldn’t muster

the courage to pick because I know she wants to know how far I

have gone with her request.

I started avoiding Ruky, but we eventually have to meet because

we are in the same department. We met in class and she enquiried

about the number and I lied to her that Layman promised to give

me the next day because I accidentally bumped into him today

when I went to buy Fura and my phone was in the hostel.

Ruky was happy and I felt I can’t disappoint her. So I decided to try


I am still avoidng layman and he knows very well that I am

avoiding him. He always find different ways to irritate me.

I remembered how he stood at the entrance of our class and he

prevented me from entering. I was about to enter the class today

when I heard people screaming snake! Snake!! I ran like I was on

the track for Olympics only to realise that it was the forest, they

were just having fun.

They pointed at me while laughing, I eyed them and left. I went

back to the hostel after the lectures to cool off by chating with

Jibril the mystery guy.

He keeps me company, especially when layman irritates me. Jibril

treats me like a baby even though we only chat, but I enjoy his


OMG! So this guy prays? I can’t believe my eyes, Layman just

came out of the masjid ( mosque) with smiles radiating from his


He looked very handsome. May be I should go talk to him, he

seemed holy and Godly. Hi! I said to him. He bluntly looked at me,

then he closed his eyes and asked, what do you want?

I was hurt, but I had to force a smile outta my lips and I answered,

your number. He heaved a sigh and said you have to admit you

don’t have Class, I thought you will never talk to me again because

you left full of rage the other day.

I was turning red already and he said, wow! I love seeing this side

of you. You will leave now and later come back begging for my

number like a dog.

I decided to put myself together and lay low. Thank your stars I am

in a good mood today, he said.

He pointed at a chair across where we were standing and he said

bring me that chair because I can’t give you while standing.

I was catwalking and he shouted you have 1minute 60seconds

( that is 2minutes right?). He sat on the chair before handing me

his useless complimentary card. I felt like stabbing him for calling

me a dog. I just hissed, eyed him and left.

I have gotten what I wanted, so when I went to the hostel I just

logged on Facebook to chat with Jibril, which I believe we are

already falling for each other.

I went to class the next day with a beautiful smile and hugged

Ruky. Ruky, your dreams have come true. She was lost, zahra what

happened? Is there any good news? I just gave her the

complimentary card and she saw Layman written boldly.

Layman is weird and so is his card. He doesn’t work or do any

business but he has a card. Its only Layman and his number that

is written on the card. Wonder where the name originated from.

Ruky screamed, jumped and hugged me. She even gave me a kiss.

I was very happy I made Ruky happy.

I went to photocopy some handouts and they were not around. So

I sat down inside to wait for them, and behold Layman came to do

photocopy. He saw me when he entered and he gave me a devilish

smile and he closed the door.

I have a new name for Layman called ‘IFRIT’. I just can’t stand him.

What will u do if u were Fatima?

See who is here! He came very close to my face and whispered

into my ears. Are you scared?

I pushed him and yelled, who the heck do you think you are?

Damn! My eyes are f****ing up because I couldn’t control my


Oh! So you are not as tough as you always try to prove you are? He

continued laughing, wanna give momma a call cry baby?

His phone started ringing, he picked the call. Hello! Who is this?

Ruqayya Bashir? I don’t know who you are or what you want. I have

a piece of advice for you, don’t call me again. I knew it was Ruky, I

was very sad about how this Ifrit treated her.

We heard a knock on the door, Alhamdulillah because I am safe.

Ifrit opened the door and I found my way out giving him a nasty


I stopped by the door, turned and looked at him and I called him

IFRIT. yeah! I could see a fierce glint in his eyes. I quickly ran for

my life.

I entered the class, took my bag and find my way to the hostel.

Ruky followed me outside. Tyma are you crying? What happened

to you zahra? I think something entered my eyes. It hurts, don’t

worry it has come off.

Ruky left to attend her lectures while I managed to go back to the

hostel. I took corn flakes, had my bath and slumped on my bed to

take a nap.

Zahra, enough of chatting, I wanna call to hear your voice and

eventually see you. Jibril, I know and I want to see you too. But, I

think it’s too early. And I need time to sort somethings out. OK,

you can have all the time you need.

we are done with our exams and I have gone back to Yola. Zahra!

Oh Zahra! I don’t know when my mum will stop calling me with her

Pakistani accent. Ma! Main araha hoon ( I am coming).

Get your things ready we are going to Faisalabad, Pakistani for

your cousins wedding. This people like celebration. Its been a while

now, I miss my Dadi( grandmom). After a week we went to


OMG! This family is huge, not to talk of now that there is a

wedding. I hugged Dadi and waited for the greeting session to


Damn! I didn’t rest and they are talking about henna ceremony. I

had to change my clothes with the help of Firdaus my cousin too.

God! This clothe is revealing and I am not used to wearing them. I

am not comfortable because my lower tommy could be seen, my

veil is transparent, so you can see my long hair, then the top is

very small and as for the skirt, my family could hide inside. I think

the tailor is insane.

I just saw someone like layman, could he be the one?

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