Information you need to know about Starlink

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Information you need to know about Starlink












Information on “Starlink”, Its Uses, Effects, and How to Use It

Last week, social networking sites in Nigeria were read about the issue of obtaining a license by the company SpaceX, to start its operations in Nigeria on a system called Starlink. Therefore, I decided to give an explanation on this process and how it will bring about change in our heritage country.

Starlink is a human satellite called a satellite, which is owned by the company SpaceX which is led by the famous billionaire Elon Musk. Launched in 2015, Starlink is a satellite whose sole function is to provide “internet access” to devices.

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In other words, just like you know the satellite in your house, you watch sports or news, so also Starlink’s job is to give you “internet access” in your house on your device like MTN or Airtel will give you- Stand by and use Wi-Fi.

Benefits of Starlink
Instead of setting up a long metal mast in your home, factory, hospital, school, or any other neighborhood where you can use Wi-Fi with MTN or Airtel and pay them every year you don’t have “internet access”, Starlink has come up with a system where you don’t have to set up a long wire, just a “satellite dish” is enough for you.

The only thing you need is a “satellite dish” and other accessories which when you buy it will be given to you in a bag called Starlink Kit.

Now, unless you are famous for money, it is not necessary to think directly that you have Wi-Fi in your house. Maybe except in high schools, companies or government houses.

But Starlink has come up with a system that will give you “internet access” at home just like you use satellite at home to watch sports or news. You don’t need a lot of money to start using it. You can connect more than a hundred devices at the same time.

The Starlink effect
The main advantage of Starlink is that it works easily and quickly. It will solve the problems of “network” and the cost of uploading the Internet to our home devices. According to the company, it wants to solve the problems of accessing the internet for rural areas (villages) and areas that have difficulty accessing the internet.

How to use Starlink
The first thing you need to start using Starlink is to buy it. As soon as it comes to Nigeria, you can go to their website starlink.com and choose your location (address), then fill out the form and check their payment plans and the like.

As soon as you finish, they will bring you a bag called Starlink Kit, in the bag there are all the items needed to set up, such as a router, cable, dish, etc. and information on how to use them.

Important Information
—Starlink is not portable, so you can’t use it anywhere, except where it’s set up—just like you use your satellite at home
—More than 400,000 people use it worldwide
—There are currently more than 2,300 Starlink-owned satellites in space
—It is very fast that you can download something on 100-200mbps.

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