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Information on starlink technology introduced to Nigeria this year

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Information on starlink technology introduced to Nigeria this year












From yesterday to today, I saw many people’s bodies were cold, they seemed to be happy when they heard the amount of money that will be paid to be able to use Elon Musk’s Starlink Network in Nigeria. one more thing.


All this cost you are saying is better than this network of Star Link, MTN and Airtel and other Traditional Service Providers that you use in Nigeria, I know you will say like how is that, or how is that?

~ If you buy the Router that is a small Star Link Service Box for 268,000 Naira, you can connect up to 128 phones and computers.

That is, if one person buys it, 128 people can use it at the same time (A big router).

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~ This is not the point, the thing that will attract your attention is the data fee that you are told to pay every month (Monthly) about 32,000 Naira, then this data that will be given to you is One Terabyte (1 TB) and you will consume it in a few days 30, if you don’t understand One Terabyte, then one thousand and twenty-four GIG (1,024 GIGs).

~ Let’s do our best and see:


Here in Nigeria you can buy One Gig for 300 Naira right? or Naira 225 or 250?

If you print the calculation for every One Gig that is bought for 250 Naira, then you get 1,024 thousand Gigs before you get One Terabyte, then you print 250 Naira times 1,024 and it will give you two hundred and fifty six thousand Naira (256,000 Naira) ONLY , said Banks.

~ So for example, you buy a Star Link Router, the main one is 268,000 Naira and you pay 32,000 Naira for Data and you spend 300,000 Naira.


~ Well, since the router can take up to 128 phones, you have to give the opportunity to 80 people in your neighborhood to use Datar, but everyone will pay two thousand Naira every month, guess they will pay 160,000 Naira, they will give it to you.

~ If you leave 3,000 thousand to them every month, they will give you 240,000 Naira.

Anyone living in their house in their room will use unlimited data, and at 2,000 Naira per month.


If they pay for two months, you return your money for the router and the subscription fee for the first month, the only thing left is to pay 32,000 thousand Naira at the end of the month, do the Sub, and the people in your neighborhood should continue to pay a thousand two, that is, every month you will receive 160,000 Naira from them, withdraw 32,000 Naira from it and go and make a Sub for them.


~ If you see the right, you can get together five or ten of you and buy one, and you will generate the data and you will be paid, or you can use it for yourself.

~ It is a big case that has been opened, if you don’t know, you will think that MTN is better than Airtel.

~ If you are friends and every month each of you can consume data of five thousand Naira every month on his phone, then by the way you better collect money and buy a Star Link router, you will consume data and you will sell it.


If you buy the router (the order is done online from the company, they will deliver it to you in Nigeria), then open the network to the number of people you see who will not consume the One Terabyte before the 30 days are up.

~ Because if you consume One Terabyte for about a month, the Network will be slow, you will not be prevented from using it, it will continue to be slow until you re-subscribe, or they will stop allowing you to use the Network from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am only.


~ Another interesting thing about Star Link is that it has a great network capacity, because it has a download capacity of 250 Mbps.

~ In other words, every second you can download something that weighs up to 250 MB, that is, before 8 seconds, you will be able to download video or audio that is more than one gig in weight.


~ And everywhere you go in Nigeria there is the Network, there is no place where it is not across Nigeria, city and village, town and forest, because it was shot from the moon last week.

~ Therefore, there are many opportunities in it, and it will help the country’s government and the security forces and other things that I should not write.


~ This is the Star Link Network in 46 countries, Nigeria is the 47th country, and it is the first in Africa to have this network because of the help of God and the courage of Sheikh Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami and his owner, President Muhammadu Buhari, God bless Give them the best.

~ May God make us benefit from the benefits of this event, and protect us from the evil that is in it.


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