How old are Gossip Girl characters in season 1

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How old are Gossip Girl characters in season 1









Gossip Girl Season 1

The American teen drama television series Gossip Girl had 18 episodes in its debut season, which aired on The CW from September 19, 2007, until May 19, 2008. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage created the television series, which is based on the Cecily von Ziegesar novel series of the same name. It describes Serena van der Woodsen’s mysterious return to Manhattan’s Upper East Side after attending boarding school in Connecticut, all while being observed by gossip website Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Cast

The CW, a terrestrial television network, broadcast the first 13 episodes of Gossip Girl in the US on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. The first 13 episodes, with the exception of the episode 12 (“School Lies”), were broadcast on the CTV Television Network in Canada one day before their US broadcast.

How old is Serena van der Woodsen in season 1

The remaining episodes of the season aired on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. after the 100-day writers’ strike. On August 19, 2008, Warner Home Video published the season as a five-disc box set on DVD under the name Gossip Girl: The Complete First Season.

Prior to its television debut, the pilot episode was made available as a free download to signed-up users of the US iTunes Store. Later episodes were made available.

The initial season had nine major roles receive star billing. Blake Lively portrayed initial protagonist Serena van der Woodsen, a former it girl of the Upper East Side, who returns from a mysterious stay at a boarding school in Connecticut, with Kelly Rutherford playing her mother Lily, a multiple-divorced socialite. Leighton Meester played Queen Bee, and the show’s eventual protagonist, Blair Waldorf, who is less than happy to see her best friend return.

With Matthew Settle playing his father Rufus, a former rock star turned art dealer, and Taylor Momsen playing his sister Jenny, a freshman trying to blend in with the exclusive milieu at Constance Billiard, Penn Badgley played middle-class outsider Dan Humphrey.

Nate Archibald, Blair’s boyfriend who has feelings for Serena, was portrayed by Chace Crawford. Chuck Bass, a womanizing musician and “bad guy,” was portrayed by Ed Westwick. Jessica Szohr played Vanessa Abrams, Dan’s childhood closest friend, after initially appearing as a guest star. In the fourteenth episode, Szohr was given a contract to join the main cast roster.

Kristen Bell voiced “Gossip Girl”, whose gossip commentary blog is widely visited by the youths of the Upper East Side social scene.

Numerous supporting characters were given expansive and recurring appearances in the progressive storyline, including Connor Paolo who portrayed Serena’s brother, Eric van der Woodsen, who had been placed into a rehab center following a suicide attempt. Margaret Colin acted as Blair’s mother, Eleanor Waldorf, a fashion designer. Colin took over from Florencia Lozano who played the role in the pilot episode. Michelle Trachtenberg acts as Georgina Sparks, a girl from Serena’s past who returns after escaping rehab in Utah.

Howard and Anne Archibald, Nate’s parents, were portrayed by Sam Robards and Francie Swift. Blair’s devoted friends Isabel Coates and Kati Farkas were played by Nicole Fiscella and Nan Zhang. Serena informed the audience that Kati and her family had relocated to Israel before Zhang departed the series to pursue a degree in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.

Nelly Yuki, a character played by Yin Chang, took Kati’s place. In season four, Zhang would return to the program. Amanda Setton as Penelope Shafai, Dreama Walker as Hazel Williams, and Emma Demar as Elise Wells are additional members of Blair’s clique.

Other guest stars in recurrent roles include John Shea as Harold Waldorf, William Abadie as Roman, Susie Misner as Alison Humphrey, Robert John Burke as Chuck’s father and billionaire Bart Bass, and Zuzanna Szadkowski as Blair’s maid Dorota Kishlovsky.

How old are Gossip Girl characters in season 1

Sebastian Stan

40 years (13 August 1982)

 Leighton Meester

36 years (9 April 1986)

 Taylor Momsen

29 years (26 July 1993)

 Elizabeth Hurley

57 years (10 June 1965)

 Chace Crawford

37 years (18 July 1985)

 Penn Badgley

36 years (1 November 1986)

 Melissa Fumero

40 years (19 August 1982)

 Tyra Banks

48 years (4 December 1973)

 Michelle Trachtenberg

37 years (11 October 1985)

 Wallace Shawn

78 years (12 November 1943)

 Gina Torres

53 years (25 April 1969)

 Katie Cassidy

35 years (25 November 1986)

 Ed Westwick

35 years (27 June 1987)

 JoAnna Garcia Swisher

43 years (10 August 1979)

 Willa Holland

31 years (18 June 1991)

 Jessica Szohr

37 years (31 March 1985)

 Mädchen Amick

51 years (12 December 1970)

 Clémence Poésy

40 years (30 October 1982)

 Kevin Zegers

38 years (19 September 1984)

 Kelly Rutherford

54 years (6 November 1968)

 Margaret Colin

64 years (26 May 1958)

 Sofia Black-D’Elia

30 years (23 December 1991)

 Connor Paolo

32 years (11 July 1990)

 Michelle Hurd

55 years (21 December 1966)

 Desmond Harrington

46 years (19 October 1976)

 Matthew Settle

53 years (17 September 1969)

 Peter O’Brien

62 years (25 March 1960)

 David Patrick Kelly

71 years (23 January 1951)

 Tinsley Mortimer

47 years (11 August 1975)

 Sheila Kelley

61 years (9 October 1961)

 Robert John Burke

62 years (12 September 1960)

 Dreama Walker

36 years (20 June 1986)

 Susan Misner

51 years (8 February 1971)

 Sam Robards

60 years (16 December 1961)

 Amanda Setton

36 years (16 December 1985)

 Kaylee DeFer

36 years (23 September 1986)

 Tamara Feldman

41 years (5 December 1980)

 Hugo Becker

35 years (13 May 1987)

 Chris Riggi

37 years (18 September 1985)

 John Shea

73 years (14 April 1949)

 Ella Rae Peck

32 years (8 September 1990)

 Zuzanna Szadkowski

44 years (22 October 1978)

 Reed Birney

68 years (11 September 1954)

 Jay McInerney

67 years (13 January 1955)

 David Call

40 years (14 August 1982)

 Nicole Fiscella

43 years (15 September 1979)

 Holley Fain

41 years (28 August 1981)

 Nan Zhang

36 years (1 November 1986)

 John Bolton

56 years (29 December 1965)

 Kathy Searle

41 years (7 March 1981)

 Sara DeRosa

37 years (2 April 1985)

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