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Customer of Kim Kardashian’s breast enlargement product has filed a lawsuit.

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Customer of Kim Kardashian’s breast enlargement product has filed a lawsuit.











Kim Kardashian is successful in everything she does, which is why a few years ago she launched herself into the difficult world of fashion and now promotes her underwear brand, Skims.


It is a line that even Rosalia herself has worn, but one of its products has caused controversy due to a complaint from a buyer.


The Skims brand launched adhesive strips that aim to enhance the figure of the breast. However, a woman left negative comments about this product, and even had to go to the doctor.


The woman in question is Noelle Smith, who claims that she bought these strips, but when she took them off, they caused damage to her skin, which she solved by going to her health centre.


That is why Smith sued Kardashian for the damages suffered, specifically for the “expenses included for medical care”.

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“Responsible and sensible companies should design adhesive strips that don’t rip off their customers’ skin,” the shopper told The Blast.


The consumer also said the design was “sloppy” and the materials used were not of the highest quality, leaving her with a “dangerous and unsafe” product.


The reaction from Kim Kardashian and her team

The response from the businesswoman was swift and came through her representative.


“After conducting a thorough investigation of this complaint, we have discovered that the customer purchased a fake strip from Amazon, a company that is not an official marketer of Skims products,” Kardashian’s reps said, according to TMZ.

The problem they saw was that the user purchased an apparently fraudulent product.


Therefore, from Kardashian’s side, they recommend “that you only buy the brand’s products through the direct sales service or official partners”.

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