Continental Breakfast Chair Here Is What You Need To Know

Continental Breakfast Chair
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Continental Breakfast Chair Here Is What You Need To Know







Continental Breakfast Chair Here Is What You Need To Know

The Continental Breakfast Chair is on display at Anna Uddenberg’s site-specific solo exhibition. This ground-breaking piece challenges technology, authority, and wealth. It forces us to consider how functionality is used to exert control and whether we are willing to cede our independence to user-friendly technology in a world driven by data.

Continental Breakfast Chair

Continental Breakfast at the Meredith Rosen Gallery is inspired by hospital architecture, hotel design, and airplane seating. The sculptures by Uddenberg blur the distinction between an object and a person, making us reevaluate utility and bodily autonomy.

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Hyper-functional sculpture The Continental Breakfast Chair represents technology and power. This sculpture serves as a warning about the dangers of losing autonomy and abusing user-friendly technology.

Value of Hyper-Functionality
The hyper-functional sculptures by Uddenberg serve as a caution against becoming overly dependent on technology. These gadgets’ ability to provide comfort and convenience may cause us to feel both secure and exposed.

Loss of Body Autonomy
Our body and the things we use are becoming more and more intertwined thanks to technology. The sculptures by Uddenberg raise the issue of how technological allure affects biological autonomy.

The sculptures by Uddenberg demonstrate how the layout of an airplane seat, a hospital, or a hotel may alter how we perceive our ability to work and exert control.

This rare confluence of factors emphasizes how omnipresent technology is and how important it is to assess our reliance on it.

Who si Anna Uddenberg ?

Anna Uddenberg is a Swedish artist known for her provocative and playful sculptures that often challenge traditional notions of gender and identity. In 2014, Uddenberg created a sculpture entitled “Continental Breakup Chair” as part of her solo exhibition at the Seventeen Gallery in London.


The sculpture consists of a chair made from a metal frame and a molded plastic seat that resembles a woman’s torso wearing a high-heeled shoe. The chair’s backrest is shaped like a handbag, and there is a small table attached to the armrest where a continental breakfast could be placed.


The “Continental Breakup Chair” is an example of Uddenberg’s interest in exploring the relationship between the body and objects. It also addresses the gendered associations of domestic objects and furniture, and how they shape our perceptions of gender roles and identities.


Overall, Uddenberg’s “Continental Breakup Chair” is a thought-provoking and visually striking sculpture that challenges traditional notions of furniture design and gender norms.

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