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Asad the arrogant lion complete novel

Toilet infection
Written by Hausa_Novels

Asad the arrogant lion complete novel













Even before he step inside he brought out a handkerchief frm his pocket na place it on mr josh desk ya dan goge desk din den looked at handky


Welldone mr josh yau u are not looking dirty..


Thank you sir


Asad then proceed to the next office….immediately

Tina saw him she get up and started pushing her chest out good morning sir…asad stood there n look her up n down the tin he said surprise me….bt the rest ayat didnt seem surprise

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Miss tina stand properly and adjust those stupid cleavage you left out its not as if they are attractive,,den he turn his face 2 b more serious the next moment u try this nonsense again i promise you,,,u will b fired am i understood..


Yes sir…miss tina said wit shaky voice

Asad the arrogant lion complete novel


Sir it almost time for the meeting….well well now miss abbas you always manage to save the day,,,sha we now yana gama fadin haka ya juya ya nufi office dinshi….



Ayat was behind him holding his stuff n place them all where dey are suppose to b place….


AYAT!!! ayat was stattle and turn immediately to asad yes sir…y is my pen kept 10inch away frm my note pad…i told u 5inch ayat are u tired of working 4 me.ko kina bukatan hutu ne i can easily change u kinsani i hate incompetency…


Ayat tayi saurin matsar da biron 5inch kusa da takardan…sorry sir it will not happen again it btr….


Ki wuce gun meeting din i will b there now.


Yes sir


Ayat na fita ta rike kirji….


God i dont knw y am still putting up wit dis man …


Gayen ga lacks manner,,


Tina dake tsaye ta dafa ayat”tell me abt it”


Ayat wlh kina kokari….ayat ta girgiza kai ltr tina if am not in the conference room before him am out…tina ta gyada kai b strong ayat ta girgiza kai tnkc


Ta nufi office ta dauki abubuwa da take bukata ta nufi meeting room.


The moment asad came inside the meeting room everyone adjust their sitting position and d room became silent like a grave yard.


Asad found his sit na was sitted immediately..


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