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10 ways to prove your girlfriend that you are not cheating on her

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10 ways to prove your girlfriend that you are not cheating on her









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10 Actions You Do that Make Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Think You’re Cheating


July 05, 2011


So you haven’t been in a relationship that long and you are already being accused of cheating when you know you haven’t. Chances are you are conducting yourself in a way that is making your partner feel insecure. What could you be doing to make him or her feel that way? Here are some tips.




1) Being extremely private. One can understand in the days of identity theft that you want to be extra careful password protecting your accounts, watching where you leave your cell phone, and locking up your private files, but when a situation comes up where you may need your partner’s assistance or need to share information between one another and you act overprotective with him or her about it, you are giving them a reason to suspect you are up to something whether you are or not. Some couples will share a password only temporarily and then as soon as their partner’s back is turned they change their password. This sends a message that “I don’t trust you. I have something to hide” even though you may not.




2) Decreasing affection. Everyone has their share of moods from one day to the next, but if yours is consistently declining without notice to your partner then he or she has no choice but to think that your feelings have changed. Once he or she feels like you aren’t interested in him or her anymore and you are not doing anything to make them feel validated in the relationship then the snooping may start to begin.




3) Lying. The day you are caught lying about something small or big such as being registered with a social networking site, calling an ex, hanging out with friends when you are supposed to be at work, or other things that can raise your partner’s eyebrows, you might as well have put your name on the list of the most wanted. Everything you say and do will be second-guessed, your privacy is a thing of the past, and be prepared to be punished for years.




4) Traveling alone often. Let’s say you use to invite your partner for car rides and ask them to accompany you to events, now you are suddenly going places without notice and not bothering to invite him or her, you are putting yourself in a bad light. You see, serial cheaters look for any excuse to get away from their partner so that they can be with someone else. So if you were watching television and then suddenly, after looking at your cell phone you leave, with cell phone in tote whether out in the open or hiding it, you look suspicious. Maybe you felt the need to leave because you saw a great fast food commercial for something you would like to try or you thought about something you need from the grocery store, it all seems innocent to you, but your partner who has been lied to in the past, deprived from affection, and notices how private you are is thinking, “What is he up to now? Where is she going?”




5) Avoiding intimate communication. You may have been a talkative couple in the early days and that too has declined over the years or suddenly. If this is the case, you may be getting a little bit bored with the conversation or feel comfortable enough in the relationship that he or she should know enough about you that you shouldn’t have to communicate so often as before. This all seems innocent enough, but not to your partner who wants to be reassured that everything is okay with the two of you. Solve this issue by talking about all sorts of things and reminding your partner that he or she is loved and appreciated!




6) Being irritated or emotional when asked questions. You may not like having to answer to someone, but in relationships there will be times when you will have to answer simple and complex questions and it is up to you to be as honest as you can and help your partner quiet the inner voice within that says, “He’s cheating on you. She is with seeing another man.”




7) Working late frequently. You may be a workaholic or love your job more than you do your personal life, or simply enjoy making additional money, whatever your reason talk to your partner about it. When you reach out to him or her and explain to them what your motivation for working late is and why it is important to you, they can respect you for it. Be sure to call from your workplace and accept an impromptu visit from you r partner. Working late has received a bad rap over the years and unfortunately you will have to do the best you can to make sure you aren’t guilty of using this as an excuse to cheat or stay away from your partner.




8) Spending more time with friends. All of your close friends may be the same gender or some of them may be the opposite sex. Unfortunately, friendships outside of the relationship have been viewed negatively over the years because of the bad influences that friends bring to the relationship. From friends having sex with one another to strip clubs, these issues among others should be discussed with your significant.




9) Putting off introducing them to your family or showing no desire to meet his or her family. No matter how a person feels about their family, when good things happen to him or her they want to let the world know about them. So when you don’t act interested in meeting his or her family and you don’t bother to take the time to let him or her get to know yours, he or she may feel like you have something to hide like a spouse he or she doesn’t know about.




10) Keeping secrets. There may be some things that you have been keeping from your partner that are serious issues to you, but not so serious to him or her, if only they knew. Your partner may have tried to get you to open up, but you haven’t budged. Your partner could be thinking that you are being open with someone else since you can’t seem to converse with him or her about your life, emotions, and other things about yourself.




There are good men and women in this world that honestly love their partners, but have a hard time expressing their emotions and aren’t very educated about the opposite sex. It is up to you to learn more about your partner and find out what you can do to put them at ease and make him or her feel like they can trust you. If you feel like you don’t want to change your habits or acknowledge his or her feelings and rather place blame, then you aren’t sincerely interested in a relationship. Experts have preached for years that it takes two to work on a relationship, not one. Do what you can to help your partner show you the love and appreciation you feel you deserve by doing your part to make them feel happy and secure in the relationship.

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